Travel to Qatar 2011

Welcome to Qatar Travel to Qatar 2011

Here the sun and the sea and the desert and a smile and hello welcome to Qatar, which promises a few days and nights, a bus with what is fun and beautiful. The place Anis is not matched, but good and the authenticity of rights where you can find wherever analyzed throughout Qatar joy and genuine hospitality since greets «Thank God for safety» of the passport officer at the airport and to what you want from hotels, modern luxury and restaurants that will satisfy all tastes, east and west, or in shopping malls spacious and chilled to what you want from the choices of recreation, marine sports and golf Model and much much to make your time in Qatar, the happiest times .

Has been the establishment of the General Authority for Tourism in 2000 to regulate and stimulate the tourism activities in the country and its development on the basis of modern scientific thought and taking into account the preservation of the culture and traditions of the State and the supervision and control over all aspects of tourism activity in Qatar

Capital: Doha
Area: 11,437 km 2.
Location: between latitudes 25 and 26 north latitude and between longitudes 51 and 52 east.
Population: 750 thousand people.
National Day: September 3 (the date of independence from 1971)
Major Cities: Al Khor, Dukhan, Mesaieed, Al Rayyan, Al Shamal, Al Wakra.
Language: Arabic and English are used widely.
Currency: Qatari Riyal
International Line: 974 +
Time: 3 hours + Greenwich


Before setting off to any of the attractions and the numerous archaeological sites in Qatar, then you probably will first identify the city of Doha, the capital of Qatar, which is the commercial and cultural center and home to about 80% of the total population.

And any tour through the streets of the city Stgrec to visit dozens of places... And some of them stick to a genuine heritage and traditions, while others reflect an informed understanding of the requirements of the era and draws ambitious towards modernity in the remotest sense.