Review: SSX [Ps3 - X360]

In our game SSX will play one of the team members skating on the snow and the work of some formations on the greatest mountain peaks the world such as Southern Circuit (Antarctic), and the gameplay in this new section includes a landing of helicopters, as well as escape from avalanches and the use of umbrellas, as we will notice that the planning and design in this part will vary significantly from the previous sections where the open environment unlike the previous sections, which was give you a small area where you play, but with this new part will feel like you are playing on an area of ​​the mountain in full and as the company (EA Canada) improved access to data (geotagging) of Agency NASA in order to create the 27 top of a mountain to play it and enjoy it, and these data helped the company to build the different terrain on the mountain peaks.

But how players will move between the different mountain peaks? Will be answered simply by helicopter, where he was to us the game some mountain peaks known, headed by Mount (Rockies), Canada and the mountains of Alaska and Antarctica as well as the Alps and the mountains of Siberia and the mountains of Japan, New Zealand and finally the most important mountain top but the top of the Himalayas and most of these mountains are located outside the continent North but the extra content identifier Fiji will be in North America, a content of special and exclusive for the PlayStation, as would be the player map even small knows the way to the point to be accessible, and will be available for the game style multiplayer over the Internet to interact and compete with friends.

On May 27 of 2011 was published video shows the characters existing game and you can choose between the two most important of these figures MAC known (Fraser), as well as both (Kaori Nishidake, Moby Jones, Psymon Stark) and finally (Zoe Payne, Griff Simmons, Eddie Wachowski) each these characters are known to those who experience the previous sections, but the company did not stop in front of these characters, but also add new characters to the game and them (Tane Mumea, Alex Moreau, Ty Thorsen) were also announced on 8 November last year that figure (Conan O'Brien) will be playable and control.

When we talk about graphics and the power of graphics within the game will say only that it was an impressive environment surrounding the look and feel on top of a mountain is real as well as the embodiment of the characters was very good so you feel as if all playable characters like a real person Dapper faces risks on the tops of the mountains, has also been interest in things simple within the game such as trees that obstruct the road Vtbdoa like real trees, as well as when they escape from avalanches of realism and feel that the fear of dying the bottom of this ice.

When we talk about music soundtrack, we will find that the game relied on many of the music in order to cover all the tracks in the game, and during the interview site (IGN) for one of the developers and which revealed the use of the company (Run-DMC) for the entertainment of many people with many of music, for example we find that the Spanish version will include some songs Spanish singer (Las Ketchup), also will depend the game on the technique (Harmony) and that make you you modify songs while playing, this is not, but also developed a company (EA Sports) publisher through the game page on Facebook Amaknyh request music and songs that suit you, or as it is called music on demand so you can ask all the songs you want by visiting the Facebook page.

Like many other sports be of age is too large, especially with regard to global challenges (Global Events) as well as the pattern (RiderNet) which gives you more time in the game, and generally fun game has been particularly when you find yourself competing others via the Internet and specifically the pattern of multi-players (multiplayer), which adds more fun and excitement to this great game in spite of the lack of interest in the company of this type but it is worth the experience and spend a lot of time with your friends.

Developer: EA Canada
Company publisher: EA Sports
Series: SSX
Hardware: PS3-XBOX360
Release date: NA 20120228February 28, 2012
NZ 20120301March 1, 2012
AU 20120301March 1, 2012
EU 20120302March 2, 2012
JP 20120315March 15, 2012
Game Type: Sports
Category: ACB: G

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