What does it mean for U.S. stocks fall?

What does it mean for U.S. stocks fall?

Doubled down stocks on Wall Street of the economic burden borne by Americans due to weak economic growth.

While Americans suffer from depression their income and poor job security and rising energy prices, came the loss of market share by 15% to add to the suffering and reduce the value of pension funds in the past two weeks.

The lack of a sense of confidence to push Americans to cut spending at a time when consumer spending represents 70% of the U.S. force the country's economy.

May result in the decline in Wall Street since last Friday after the cut by Standard & Poor's credit rating of the United States to a reduction in spending of the American people about $ 140 billion or 1.3% of the total expenditure in the next year, according to Paul Dales expert on the economies of the United States Foundation Capital Economics consultancy.

Another blow to the economy
Says Dales, the decline in U.S. stocks may reduce the growth of the U.S. economy next year by half a percentage point, at a time when the economy grows very slowly.

In the first half of this year's record U.S. economy grew by 0.8%, explaining the reasons for feeling fear falling stocks, since there are fears of a return to stagnation of the economy.

Says David Kelly, president of market strategy at JP Morgan said that growing concerns had already paid into recession again, could push down stock prices wealthy investors in the United States to cut spending.