Android Design Preview program to assist in the design of Android applications

If you are a developer for Android applications, or even determined you are prompted for designing interfaces for the application of Android through the program "Photoshop" or any other program, it is imperative that you know that it is somewhat difficult to test how it looks design actually on the phone, especially if you're at the stage of being a lot of amendments.

Until now, the best and fastest way is to export the image from Photoshop PNG format and transfer to your phone and open it to full screen. But Roman Nurik a programmer working for Google has developed a wonderful tool called Android Design Preview, which allows you to view part of what appears on the computer screen directly on the screen of the phone, any tool that is a mirror works by ADB. All you have to do is identify the part that you want to watch on the phone (in this case design in Adobe Photoshop, the program will offer design commensurate with a screen resolution of your phone.

The program is a Jar file you install on your computer and therefore it works with Windows, Linux and Mac, for further clarification see the following video:

You can download the tool from here.

In fact, recently there are many wonderful tools to help developers to Android applications and we were remiss in their coverage. We will cover a number of them during the later articles.