Increase Web Traffic by Becoming a Top Author

Top authors receive more web traffic because they are recognized as an authority in their field. Now you may not become a top author in your field if it's very competitive however you can still gain authority status by following these 4 simple guidelines.

4 ways to become a top author

1. Write more articles

Increasing the volume of articles you write and submit will boost the number of visitors reading your content and clicking the link to your web site. Sometimes you may find it difficult to write however realize that every article you produce has the potential to generate a continual trickle of traffic. When many small streams combine they create a river. Your goal is to build a river of visitors to your web site.

2. Improve you're writing skills

"Practice makes perfect." As you write more content you're writing improves automatically because you are investing time and energy into it. Read the articles of top authors in your category to see if you can adapt techniques that improve your own writing style. For instance I noticed some authors use a story to capture the reader's attention. Try to incorporate this feature in your article writing tactics and test to see if it increases the click through rate (CTR) to your web site.

3. Gain more exposure

Submitting your content to just one article directory will gets you some readers however it limits you to one resource. If you want your article to be read by a wider audience send it to a variety of publications. Some of these may include other article directories, forums, blogs, and ezine publishers.

You can also repurpose the content by repackaging it as a video or podcast and submitting it to video and podcast directories.

Another idea is to create a short report or ebook from several articles then give it away as a free resource. Make sure you include links back to your web site so you drive more visitors to it.

4. Become a guest writer

Blog owners need to feed constantly their blogs with quality content to retain their readers. Sometimes they do not have the time to write new content so they invite guest authors to write for them. If their blog gets 1000s of visitors you benefit by becoming a guest writer for them because visitors will want to check out your web site or offer in the resource box at the end of your article.

Tip !

Track the number of visitors your articles receive over several months of writing. Make a note which articles receive the most visitors then focus on writing more content in the same style.

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