How to get exclusive content in simple ways !? easy

Simply to get the exclusive content! Renewed interested in the content
Whenever you write an article exclusive, you get a lot of money, but you must be patient. !
Do not despair, type, and type!

There are plenty of sites on the World Wide Web in the millions and I was only a few top the top ranks of search engines!

Have you asked yourself, and you said why ? :/

Of course the answer is very simple: dynamic content, unique content and the most important thing, patience!

When you want to write about an article in your website, you must do the following:

The title should be small and evidence for the content of the article and expressed as a visitor to know what the article is
You must pay attention to the allowed length of P Description of most search engines is 160
Strengthening of the article with pictures and video and make a description of each of them
Order of the paragraphs and coordination of the article and make it suitable for browsing and for the visitor

There are lots and lots of roads and away from the large number of additions and codes that may cause in your package from the search engines.

You are the visitor to your site so you know what defects your website!

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