All in one Google Android applications Downloads + QR CODE

We will review this post in a bouquet of programs combined with Google's famous simple explanation of each program. This will keep the subject constantly updated with the permission of God. As you can see the subject constantly to update your software.

This topic brings together a lot of applications, Google Android, and you can easily download and is available QR CODE

Android Market

Android Market: a market for the basic application that comes with every copy of the Android which allows you to surf the programs in the Android market to buy or load.
Release Date: December 14, 2011 | Issue No. Android Market 3.4.4
Direct Link [Click here] | File size: 3.53 MB


Google Androidify

Google Androidify: a program to customize the image communication beautiful figure and nice and funny slogan for Android so that you can color the logo and you can to wear funny clothes and customize the appearance of full and save it as an image or add the image on a particular contact.

Release Date: December 8, 2011 | Issue No. Androidify 1.12
Direct Link [Click here] | File size: 1.80 MB

Google Docs

Google Docs: Google application documents, Google Docs, this wonderful application allows you to view your documents wherever you are, modify, and create new documents, share, and so on.

Release Date February 1 2012 | Issue No. Google Docs 1.0.43
Direct Link [Click here] | File size: 3.02 MB

Google Music

Google Music: great music player from Google.

Release Date: 23 2012 | Issue No. Google Music 4.1.512
Direct Link [Click here] | File size: 4.99 MB

Google Reader

Google Reader: This application allows you Ikrah the contents of your favorite feed RSS.

Release Date: 2 November 2011 | Issue No. Google Reader 1.1.1
Direct Link [Click here] | File size: 1.63 MB

Google Plus

Google +: growing social network Google very quickly, excellent application makes browsing easy and enjoyable service, this also goes for the application definition is also rapidly evolving and are constantly updating Google.

Release Date: 9 2012 | Issue No. Google +
Direct Link [Click here] | File size: 8.33 MB

Google Translate

Google Translate: Google Translate Translate the application definition of rich, each time adding new features make the application of the translation process easier and better, the best translation of all applications will not be able to dispense with him at all. As you can see it in our review here.

Release Date: 4 2012 | Issue No. Google Translate 2.3.1 Build 61
Direct Link [Click here] | File size: 3.31 MB

Google Earth

Google Earth: Earth Explorer images taken from satellites, a beautiful program, the same script on the computers.

Release Date: 4 2012 | Issue No. Google Earth
Direct Link [Click here] | File size: 8.23 MB