Hotel in Qatar | Best Hotels in Qatar 2011

Hotel in Qatar | Best Hotels in Qatar 2011

Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Located in West Bay and the Sea (a region with future large tourist) one of the latest hotels and luxury hotel with a very big lobby, large and several restaurants and a health club, a luxury by the pool is covered and the other is covered and is 6 star and you can go to the compound Satty Center in 5 minutes and the Kingdom of Aladdin (Fun City Entertainment is located on the sea).

during the two minutes and you can go to the Golf Club within 5 minutes and the University of Qatar during the five minutes and the airport within 25 minutes and there are close to him directly club Aldoppelmasi (leisure club luxury Lviv Star and has several restaurants, luxury) that he would Be in the coming years a large project named Pearl (Residential legislator large maritime) and will be directly in front of the hotel

To visit the hotel website:

Address: PO Box 23 400
Doha, Qatar
Tel: 8000 484 - (974)
Fax: -8484 484 (974)


Sheraton Doha

One of the oldest and finest hotels, where its health club, an integrated addition to its location on the Corniche and close to a complex Satty Center Mall and close to the Exhibition Centre (two minutes by car) and the market (5 minutes by car) and doors of the rooms are all overlooking the hotel lobby large and broad (explains the chest ) and the hotel has several restaurants such as Restaurant Shaheen fact, the highest hotel (very expensive - almost two to 400 riyals if the requests were normal) and no restaurant bustard is located at the tip of the hotel lobby, a buffet where they are allocating some days to eat a particular such as on Wednesday, Seafood (C Delegations) and there is an Italian restaurant club hotel and also can apply for snacks from the Coffee Shop, located in the hotel lobby and there Note the hotel is that it is home to most of the conferences to be hosted by Doha Vasarh sometimes very expensive and note the other as rooms are renovated and yet another old

To visit the hotel website:

P. 6000
Doha, Qatar
Tel 4854444-974
Fax 4832323-974


Sharq Village

Sharq Village Resort is located in the city of Doha in Qatar, which is overlooking the Corniche beautiful, and is situated five minutes drive from Doha International Airport and the city center. It is the first resort ever built in the country to truly depicts the local architecture and heritage of Qatar.

Sharq Village Resort is a sophisticated project has been implemented to become a five-star luxury resort that blends traditional architecture with modern facilities to meet the needs of the requirements of businessmen and tourists alike. This resort is designed on the model of a unique country village will include a 160 room upscale, and Six Senses Spa, the popular Qatari market, and food and beverage and entertainment.

The hotel has 160 rooms including suites and double rooms and large rooms and presidential suite for VIPs. The hotel consists of villas contain rooms for guests, and the main building for the reception and events located on an area of ​​82.165 square meters.

Sharq Village Resort is designed on an area of ​​80,000 square meters, and the Qatar National Hotels Company Limited, the management of the hotel. The architects of the Office of engineers to understand the Arabs.

The selected company Six Senses Resorts, the world-renowned for the management of health facilities within the resort. The resort is designed to resemble the popular country village, the resort will include the following facilities: 23 suite-like treatment of the Model Home Village
Spa, sauna and steam rooms, jacuzzi, swimming pools and rooms to change clothes and fitness clubs are equipped with all the equipment and places dedicated to yoga.
Entrance and a reception for ladies only ..
Salon is dedicated to the demobilization of hair and trim nails and beauty and henna.



P.O. Box 26662
Doha, State of Qatar
TEL: +974 425 6666
FAX: +974 425 6660