Skyrim Quest: Find the ForgeMaster's Fingers

Find the ForgeMaster's Fingers

This Post will explain how to solve this task easy explanation supported by pictures, and I hope you enjoy this Quest.

About The Quest:

You should look for ForgeMaster's Fingers and will be found inside Cave In Chest.
You should go to this cave is located in the map, for if I entered this cave before you can use Fast Travel.

ForgeMaster's Fingers

If you reach the cave, enter this cave to get the Quest done.

You will find some enemies Kill them and you can use magic (FireBall) to eliminate them quickly, and watch Out  from the archer.

You Must kille the leader and you must watch out because he uses magic (Frost) and he can summond Frost Monster, use Frost Weakens poison to make him weak for , Dont forget  Fire Breth so you can kill him quickly.

After the leader was killed Go to the top you will find the Chest,  Open it and then Take  ForgeMaster's Fingers.

This is a picture of ForgeMaster's Fingers

After taking ForgeMaster's Fingers you have to go to this place in the map.

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