Review: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare [Xbox 360]

American horror story!! Horror story happen in America!! Nightmare is happening in America!! This story of a nightmare because the new America, where it shows the dark this time from inside!! Wants to destroy the life of darkness because once again and a different way!! Where he became the dark is reflected in his personality and combat it!! But Allen did not give up the chase and the fight against the darkness and the darkness, making play with him and the time to make it return what started it, but you will succeed Allen in the fight against the dark and stop manipulating?

This new part, or similar to the additional content for the game was unexpected but was a lot of fun and pleasure, and although it Arcade game independent, but it is also a great content of the game do not complete the main story in any way, but it is a recurring tasks a little with pleasure the best assembly and solving puzzles wonderful, you will note that the method variable in this part of the line for health and weapons and energies that appear on the screen above a circular map with a larger and clearer than the former.

The game of the quality of horror and escape from the darkness, carrying also some Action and adventure that made the game successful, the playing field depends on the perspective of the third person, which shows most of the personal camera very free and you can control as they wish, and corrigendum playing field put two perspectives to correction first is to show personal fully with the straighten arms.

but when you zoom the perspective correction appears from behind the shoulder to make the correction more accurate such as Rivdnt Eiffel 5 or 4 backs shoulder only with the correction, and the game depends strongly on which index you can not do without it, Vmhor correction in the game is the light of the Scout makes you aim the more accurate and hinders the progress of the enemy, Valdu initially makes the darkness disappears from the enemies and then shoot them to kill them easily.

Developer: Remedy
Company Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Author: Sam Lake
Composer: Petri Alanko
Release date: February 22, 2012
Device: Xbox Live Arcade
Game Type: Third-person shooter, action game
Category: BBFC: 15
PEGI: 16 +