The next solar storm will destroy the earth (a very important topic)

Miss us, unfortunately, the scientific interest which has no space or the means of dissemination of information to give it the attention it deserves, and of this section publish an article here about the solar storm, which scientists predict their occurrence in a period of three years starting in 2009 to reach the peak in 2012.

As is known, the atmosphere in the ground under the conditions of certain air occur when some storms, and hurricanes, and floods as well as the solar atmosphere and there are storms over storms in the planet's size and damage some of them explode from the surface of the sun to its atmosphere and it launched into space by his speed and strength.

Scientists classify types of solar storms into two types:

Solar flares: (solar brightness) :

And is in principle be a huge explosions on the surface of the sun and is formed when strong magnetic fields intertwine with each other, the impact of this overlap occurs burners heat that cause explosions.
This comes out and the explosion of a large amount of electromagnetic radiation and X-ray and ultraviolet radiation and visible light and radio waves. And energy caused by this storm, volcanic eruption more than one million times. And you can see the burners heat the blast Kid white through bright X-ray emissions and ultraviolet radiation.

Blocks evicted chromosomal:

Chromatic and derived from the chromatic layer and the layer is thick on the surface of the sun 2500 kilometers and is located on the cover of the sun and appear red as liaison minutes.
And explosions that occur in this layer due to solar particles of magnetic fields and a lot of material is ejected in the solar wind, and this particular storm may cause a disaster on the ground in the event shocked the planet and cause severe disturbances to the Earth's environment.

And when he spoke of this storm launches light-rays reach the atmosphere and walk into it during the eight minutes of their occurrence in the heliosphere and cause trouble for all electromagnetic waves and thus disruption of all means of communication, Internet and wired and wireless signals and satellites. And following the arrival of X-ray optical clock waves suddenly occur defect in the means of communication, too, and followed by the arrival of particles from the sun (particles of solar) and is the storm that is called a storm blocks  Chromatic  expelled and up to Earth from the day-to-four days of the beginning of a storm in the heliosphere, and when they arrive will cause a disaster in the sense where the floor will cause magnetic storms storms, and a twilight or split (the brightness of a projector large), and shall hide all the electrical energy Stab where all the electrical transformers on the face of the earth.

And scientists had identified the restoration of electricity after the storm for the developed nations and developed within six months, while developing countries would need to two years to repair transformers and restore power as the electric grid would be destroyed completely.

So the best solution and is the only solution that was agreed upon is that scientists are amortized all transformers and generators, so as to avoid the storm which will destroy all electromagnetic devices operating from a wired or wireless or electrical transformers or generators.

Note that there is no observatory accurately predicted this storm by the time they occur precisely and has been predicted to occur due to the activity of the solar system where it has a cycle time is active and the observatory only operating observatory air space to monitor the sun is the space station, ACE (facility finder advanced).

And can monitor the storm before reaching the Earth Hour is only one, and thus provide a warning before any storm magnetic one hour only, and you can avoid the damage at this hour and imagine the size of the human disasters that will occur at the sacrifice of turning off the power forcibly to protect property and people from harm this storm, which inevitably will result in the death of many people who are in hospitals, especially those who live on the Equipment.

If you do not avoid the storm by turning off all generators and electrical transformers, scientists expect the occurrence of environmental disasters more, and the spread of disease and contamination of water, and the areas where there is scarcity of water, such as our regions warm happen where significant damage due to lack of water, such as the spread of disease and starvation and thirst.

So we must take prudent and cautious, and make all prudent measures ranging from educating the public and private about this storm and how to avoid them.

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