An audio recording From Saddam Hussein !

Spread widely on the Internet audio interview with former President Saddam Hussein fabricated across sites attributed to the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, a good place connected to the upper one close to him, stating that he is alive!

Did not die and he will come out soon, saying: "We are coming we are coming and we will wash the tears from the face of great Iraq,"

Saddam Hussein

He asked the caller "Saddam Hussein, according to the registry" from the top to reach the safety of all his friends and tell them that "Saddam Hussein is alive," while it is the top that has the honor to hear his voice, whether originally or tradition.

The comment related to Saddam Hussein about the arrest by saying: "I swear to God and swear in Iraq is shameful that the film shown by the traitors is not Saddam Hussein (brother Hdlp), but it is a likeness Rafik Michael, and Michael is executed, not Saddam Hussein's real."

While not confirmed the authenticity of voice recording or not, and now some Western media attempts across technologies and experts to ensure the validity of shale and whether the caller's voice actually goes back to the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

To hear the audio section to connect to Saddam Hussein:

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