How confident Google sites ?

How confident Google sites?

[First: for things technical / increase the confidence / site / server]

[1] Extension - the name - your acts are unspeakable for more than 5 years, to tell the Google page that you remain forever and not for a year or two and then
Is the site is closed!! And learned that Google has a database for each site and date of the end of Dominh known that these statements are
Is not confidential.

[2] Alastdavat away from the pressure has rented a server, and you alone, even if your visitors that between 5 and a
Google to tell you ready for the myriad of visitors for information that the Google Bot sent to inquire about the speed Serfrck The more quickly Serfrck
More confidence
Note to the pressure of your daily paper Ramat server - if necessary - and the closest example to the Shabwa Softbank was promoted when the Alramat
6 Fine, launched visitors from the Google index rose high

[3] Beware of the deleted pages you bring visitors from Google .. Daha as a link to tell the visiting
Link to the page is new or used as well as 301 automatic conversion by the goddess and Atskhaddm Access code conversion primitive Refresh

[4] Installed search feature in your site with Google
Http:// like to see the search engine in the middle, when considering looking in the pages of your site automatically Bakoukl
This great utility, which Aldguetat many of the Google links to your site!

[II: the trip to increase confidence b / Search results / pages of Interior]

[5] Extension to prevent the use of special characters in these forums and I Amnaha earlier in the forum but (Google has now begun to understand that
Extension Arabic characters plus Ihzvh automatically)
Try searching speech (precursors) You can get the same (precursors), but prevent the extension is desirable because the other search engines is not
Google smart Khabibna

[6] To Atncha pages do not have internal linkages means (to be put in links for example Alfotr similar linkages and other sections)

[7] Google likes pages that contain a new history - such as forums - use the Gregorian date digital Leave
How k date 10 November 2007 and not 2007 and November 01, or 2 Rajab 1428
The history page is calculated from the date of Arcevth and also found the history .. You will notice when you are looking for a program
Shows you another issue often
Example: To look for Download Kaspersky Anti-Virus

To move away from the site Alkaspr - but to find a No. 4 position
The content of Kaspersky Anti-Virus Update - 8 November 2007
And history is the history of the apparent yesterday!! Oroit the importance of history?

[8] When a page into the Title your first word is the most important and it appears that the name of your site in the beginning Altil by the end
Atkhosr to visitors because of the absence of an Maibgeson
Softbank Forums precursors - Download Alkaspr Sky (not recommended)
Download Alkaspr Sky - Softbank Forums precursors (recommended)
Precursors in the past they have others welcome this movement, but now changed and become much better

[9] ASSUME site for one never had a distinct pages to your site, when a new article on your site has already been published before it appears
The title of the article as it is moved away from copying and pasting 100% .. , Got another name with a new name and clear
For example when you want to link the movement of a book on programming language c + + had written the name (his books schedule c + +) write as follows (eg
Download the book schedule c + + and wrote c + + book download)
Thankfully ended.