Search Engine Optimization, SEO Vs .PPC

The war is on! Yes! The hottest war over the Internet is not between companies but between two ways of online marketing:

SEO and PPC. According to a research, almost 85% of Internet visitors start their product or service or information search using some of the top search engine such as Google, Yahoo! And MSN. All Internet users in finding relevant information, enter a word that is better known as the keyword and it helps search engines to result pages, the natural organic offerings as well as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.


SEO and PPC are two different sides of the same coin and are an integral part of the major search engines and can increase your overall brand visibility. According to a research, 60% of search engine visibility will depend on effective SEO Vis-à-vis PPC. The average says that nearly 70% of all clicks generated by different search engines is done by SEO. The fact is that SEO clicks are able to convert 25% more than PPC clicks after BusinessWeek. A Marketing Sherpa study has shown that most organic referrals are able to convert to 4.2% versus 3.6% for PPC.


Let us see what are the various benefits of using SEO:

1st Most of the tenders by SEO campaigns have a certain psychological advantage vis-à-vis sponsored links.

2nd SEO is a long-term investment

3rd It has some of the highest conversion rates and the best ROI

4th SEO can increase your PageRank

5th Brands Get top positions as confidence-seekers more on organic search results.

6th If you plan to go with SEO on long-term then it will be cheaper vis-à-vis Pay-Per-Click.

7th SEO allows you or your company almost 30-times the traffic compared to the Sponsored Links for the same cost.

Some of the disadvantages of SEO include:

SEO takes more time to fall into place and offer good returns in comparison to PPC

You will not be guaranteed of top rank on search engines ever

You determine the actual value of a high organic ranking is difficult


Now let us take a look at the various advantages of PPC:

1st Pay-per-click is an excellent choice for a company looking for immediate exposure.

2nd PPC campaigns work well with a tender model that is: You choose the keywords and bids for them. The advertisement for the highest bidder will be at the top.

3rd In PPS, you have to pay only when a user clicks on your ad.

4th It is a good platform for testing the efficacy of a new product

5th It is easy to measure the effectiveness of the PPC

Some of the disadvantages of PPC also:

1st It is expensive on a long-term basis. Popular keywords can cost around 10 dollars per click

2nd The targeted visitors to your site is the moment you stop paying

3rd You need your PPC campaign and keep a register clicks on the Vis-à-vis conversions